Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hey bubbly posted sometimes xD
so anyways u can see that the polls ended
so i am going to put up a new poll
and maybe change the header lol

polls pics

tavia banner 1

tavia banner 2

Last times poll results is that linda banner is better than the kate banner XD

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hehe today is Janiceeee's birthday =D
Hopefully she has an awesomeee one.
I had 3 tests yesterday, so I cant really update =.="
I had a Science, Math, and French test.
I'm not doing so well in school =[
Hopefully, I'll do better soon la.

- Bubbly ^-^

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I finally remembered the account's email and password xDD
Sowwie for not updating =.=
Too much has happened the past few weeks
Too much work!! >.<
I'm reading Twilight now ^-^
It is quite a good book =]
I feel so tired x.x
Last night I studied my butt off for the Social Studies test today.
I stayed up till 1 Am and at 7Am I had to wake up =.=
I don't think i did that bad on it O.o
Also, I presented my music project =.=
So scary because so much people stare at me.
And I stand in the middle of the classroom presenting >.<
Quite scary =.="
I think my music teacher was quite satisfied ^-^
So... I guess I'm quite happy =/

Bubbly ^-^

Saturday, October 18, 2008


I don't noe why bubbly isn't talk to me =( but anyways i am still going to update this group once in awhile and i hope more people will visit and vote on da polls hehe ^_^ . I am going to change the header again and make it more better. I might add another later in the week and thats all.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

another poll !!!!!

It's weird how it's call bubbly~sweetiepie~ when bubbly is so busy !!!! well anyways that doesn't matter i guess lol. anyways i am back with a new poll hehe this one is gonna last for awhile xD Halloween is coming soon !!!! and tmr is Turkey Day !!!! but after turkey day i have a big test on social !!!!! >.<>

Kate banner that i enter in
miizz-st3phy's Challenge hehe ^_^

Linda banner that i enter in SmileDreamImagine
challenge hehe ^_^
Which one is better ??? plz vote

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More creations and more polls !!!!

SweetiePie is back with more creations and more polls xD bubbly is very busy with hw and school so won't be able to post xD and i don't talk to her much =( she must be very very busy xD and i will change the header soon. the blog is still very quiet lol but more ppl are visiting so thanks to the ppl who vistied our blog. Now i will add more polls for time to time and post more often i hope lol cuz i am also very busy on hw and stuff. Time for the creations look below and vote on da polls

Theresa banner

Tavia banner

Thats all xD and if u visit plz vote and leave a msg xD =D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Which one ???

Um.....Bubbly why don't u post something ???? i am posted like so many entries already xD anyways bubbly u better post something soon xD. I bet she is busy thats why xD and bubbly how was ur bday yesterday ??? and did u likie the pressie i made u ??? i have so many things so ask her lol. Well today i made two Fala banners that are the same but i want to noe which one is better so help me out !!!! i will make a poll on this blog and plz vote xD I also made a Linda banner. That one i will just post it onto this post!!!! thats all

Linda banner

First Fala banner (lighter)/vote

Second Fala banner (darker)/vote